Thursday, May 31, 2012

iPhone case of the dead sale!

Come ON! I want to go ahead and make another one! Maybe one for the iPad!


This is a handmade leather iPhone case. The face is raised and has accents to show off the mouth, eyes and nostrils.

It does work with an iPhone 4s as well as a iPhone 4. The leather in the interior is VERY THICK. It is a very sturdy case.

There is a pocket for cash and ID in the inside, and the top is open for easy access to the power button and headphone jack. The mute button is covered, and there is no hole in the back for the camera (the original book of the dead had no holes for cameras!), but since the top is open, you could pull it out in a jiffy.

Enough is Enough! (A.K.A. "maybe I should do something")

I just finished up a few presentations last week; one on iMovie with the iPad/iPhone, and one about Flash Animation.


I overestimated the ability of communicating all the information I wanted to share; I wrote a 30 page word document! Even if I skipped the first half (which was the basics on how to use Flash) I would not have been able to finish in the 50 minutes I had. It was TOO MUCH.