Friday, August 22, 2014

Infinity Watermelon

The look on its face looks... sad.

Deadpool: Too Kawaii

My Next Tattoo

So, supposedly Kwaii is japanese for "cute".

Sugoi supposedly means "Please punch me in the crotch."

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Medium Doesn't Matter! (animation)

Used after effects to import all the 4K images I exported from Flash and to sync the audio, then exported it using the 2160P YouTube setting in Adobe Encoder.

I got the comic strip from I used the images to create the animated characters by tracing them in Flash. I, of course, had to take some creative liberties, especially with mouth shapes and the walking cycle.

Then Taylor, from, recorded the audio with his voice, as well as Jay, from

I got the audio, put it in the Flash timeline, and created the following animation.

Why? Just to see if I still can. It is MUCH easier when somebody else does the audio for me. Heck, it's a lot easier if someone else does the DRAWING for me; I'm pretty ok when it comes to staying on spec.