Friday, February 1, 2013

SWF and After Effects, Sliders, AND DuIK Part 2

So, Now, for some reason, I am having issues rendering the SWF's in my After Effects program.
What the....?!?!
I did some research, and looked at some forum posts, and I even tested it out on another computer with Ae CS4 (which ended up working just fine). The only thing I can think of is that a plug-in I have is screwing up the rendering of SWF files.

SO... I am going to try and recreate the puppet with FXG files.

SO, I put all the body parts in frame one of the Flash timeline, and exported a FXG. I then imported it into Adobe Illustrator.  I bypassed the issues I had before with body parts disappearing by making sure everything was broken up and (important) the vectors were colored with a color number, not a bitmap swatch (which I had done before to make it easier to universally change colors in Flash.)

I imported it into After Effects.  To recap: