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Written by Paul Scofield
Directed by Joey Carrillo


Mom-Dawn Boult

Dad-John W. Hathorn IV

Billy-Douglas Rabold

Sister-Camie Gillespie

The Zombie Horde

Naoko Cuevas-Ballerina Zombie
Johnathan Hernandez-Kitchen Zombie
Steve Strange-Wrench Zombie 
Karen Strange & Baby Girl Strange-Pregnant Zombie
Mike J. Scofield-Hand Biting Zombie
Karen L. Scofield-Poodle Skirt Zombie
N. Gayle Scofield-Momma Zombie
Michael A. Scofield-Mechanic Zombie
Michelle LaHomme-Decapitated Zombie
Paula L. Sawyer-Nurse Zombie
Jon Gillespie-Lumberjack Zombie
Alli Gillespie-Cheerleader Zombie
Akika J Reimonenq-Greaser Zombie 1
Wynter Rabold-Little Girl Zombie
Danyon Rabold-Young Boy Zombie
Lance Camarillo-Greaser Zombie 2
Lariza Cuevas-Graduate Zombie
Deborah Cavazos-Sock Hop Zombie
Ashley McKay-Bobby Socks Zombie

Zombie King-Carlos Pina

Zombie Wranglers

Amy Rabold
Armando Guerra
John Hathorn
Annie Upton


Roland Garcia
Amy Rabold
Karen Strange
Steven Strange
Carlos Pina

Stunt Consultant
Joe Fury

Jose Carrillo

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Copyright 2006
Lone Bannana


What To Do On A Zombie Attack was on the July 23rd, 2009 episode of Attack Of The Show!


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