Thursday, May 31, 2012

Enough is Enough! (A.K.A. "maybe I should do something")

I just finished up a few presentations last week; one on iMovie with the iPad/iPhone, and one about Flash Animation.


I overestimated the ability of communicating all the information I wanted to share; I wrote a 30 page word document! Even if I skipped the first half (which was the basics on how to use Flash) I would not have been able to finish in the 50 minutes I had. It was TOO MUCH.

Also, half the class were experts, and the other half were total beginners (walking in never opening Flash and hoping to leave being able to animate everything they wanted with no issues).

And Nobody brought a laptop.

Anyway, this has made me think about the whole Animation for Flash thing. It makes me wonder if it would be feasible to try to start this whole Animation thing again. Would there be people out there willing to learn Flash Animation for Broadcast? Would people pay to learn? Or would it be better to do the whole lesson in a Trial By Fire and have them working on an actual video project?

If they work on an actual video project, it WOULD be something that they could put on a Resume as experience....right?

Anyhoo, here is a link to my first version of my FLASH ANIMATION BOOT CAMP. I will mull this over a little longer in my mind to see what I may want to do.