Friday, June 27, 2014

Combining multi-tools and belts: Isn't that just a multi-tool that INCLUDES a belt?

Having it makes you cool; not knowing what it can do is not important right now....
I have two loves interests in my life... at the moment. (Love is too strong of a word for it.)

One, is belts. Why is that? I always wanted to find the perfect belt, which is difficult for me. I use ONE belt hole, and my pants are showing off my crack, but if I go to the NEXT belt hole, well, I feel like I'm being squeezed to death by a python.
Why must you belittle my pain?
The second love of my life is Multi Tools. Ever since MacGyver and his Swiss Army knives (it broke my heart when I found out he went back and forth between Victorinox and Wenger), I have always loved the pocket gadget. Nowadays, if I don't have a miniature lighter, a compass, and at least five ways to open a beer bottle, I feel unprepared.

I cannot take my keys out at the city park anymore, though...

That is why I am excited to try out this new belt buckle! I mean, sure, it has a few sharp edges, and it may scrape up against my beer gut abs, but I think I can handle it.

And while I'm buying this belt, I can go through their wonderful selection of decals and AR-15 Parts, 'cause EVERYBODY needs spare parts for their AR-15!

GADZOOKS! I hope I didn't end up in some Government List...
Anyhoo, if can't carry tools on your belt because you don't have a belt, you can have an existential moment by buying this belt.