Friday, July 10, 2015

I'm an Animator that can't draw; is that so bad?

So yes. I have done a few animations. The hardest part of animating, for me is...


Yes, I am an animator, but my main issue has always been that I assumed in order to be a good animator, I had to be a fantastic artist.

Well... over the years, I have realized that I can't create content out of my head to save my life!

Some of the best work I've done is when someone else has created the drawings, and all I have to do is trace them, rig them, and animate them. 

As an example, the cartoon I created, "The Medium Doesn't Matter", was first a comic strip.
Then, I found an audio file that someone created, which was meant to be played as you read the comic strip.
After that, it just took me two weeks-- on and off, not all the way through-- to make the cartoon. I mean, i was working AND going to Grad school, and was STILL able to churn out a one and a half minute cartoon. 

So... I REALLY think if I found someone out there that had a comic strip, that I could easily animate it--depending on it's style. I mean, I'm not looking to go crazy here! I wanna have fun, and be creative, and ANIMATE, dammit!

So, if you know any comic strip people whom you think would make a good comic strip, please leave a comment!