Wednesday, December 12, 2012 - 2K for $3K? Yes Please!

So, supposedly there is a gap for videomakers who want to shoot High Quality video, but supposedly can't afford a 16 to 20 thousand dollar camera. (damn, that IS expensive)

Enter Digital Bolex. They used all common parts (in other words, no custom chips or processors or whatnot) and slapped together this camera. A 2K camera for around three thousand bucks.

Artist depiction... NICE!

So this thing can kick out 2336 by 1752, 2048 by 1152, the two flavors of HD and even a 720 by 480, if you want to totally waste the potential of the camera. It records to CompactFlash cards, so if you have some of those lying around you're set. The file size is 2 to 3 MB per FRAME, so you better have some big cards like around, though!

Framerate goes up to 32fps for 2K, 60fps for 720p, and 90 for the 480p. So... SLO-MO ENABLED!

Here it is looking like a Retro-Spider cam!
Here is the spec sheet, and here is the website: Products |

And.. .yeah. Sweet