Friday, December 21, 2012

Flash to After Effects Experiment 02: Exporting FXG


A FXG file is a "new" file that Flash exports, instead of the usual Adobe Illustrator filetype (.ai).  Why Adobe did this? I don't know.

So, with that, I fired up Illustrator and saw how it imported. 

What the...?
It did not import the forearm. I decided to go back to Flash and break up the symbol that had all the arm shapes in it and put each symbol in it's own layer.  I also decided to draw a new hand with the fingers separated (for another test I want to see...)

That's a little better...
However, the parts were all on one layer, so I clicked the Layers Panel menu (the two triangles on the upper right corner of the Layers panel) and chose Release to Layers (sequence). This put everything in a separate layer.

This, for some reason, saved all the layers in a group  in a LAYER. SO I just chose all the layers with the parts and moved it above Layer 1.  I may have to look into why that happened but it works for now.

I saved that as an Illustrator file and fired up After Effects. Opened up a new Composition and Imported a file. I chose the AI file and made sure to import it as a composition, retaining all the layer sizes.

This will import all the layers in the proper order and the right positioning. such.

THe next thing would be to reposition all the rotation points and parent limbs to body parts to have the whole puppet thing in effect.